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Our Process

Crossroad Employment Services began to deliver the new Employment Ontario "Full Suite Employment Services"

The results of the Full Suite Delivery for customers will be that they will get effective, relevant skill training, employment and career planning services, where and when they need them.
Customers (Individuals/Employers) are able to access job search, placement and incentives, job retention instruction, information and referral services and service planning and co-ordination from a single point of service.


We here at Crossroads Employment Services want to help you get the training, skills and experience to achieve your goals. We want to connect people looking for work with employers looking for workers.


The programs we are currently offering or can make referrals for individuals and/or employers include:


Second Career:

Provides laid-off workers with skills training to help them find jobs in high-demand occupations in Ontario and provide financial support for schooling.

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Targeted Initiative for Older Workers:

Program applies to older workers aged 55-64 who have lost their jobs.

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Apprenticeship Programs:

These programs are offered by different organizations, such as colleges and approved apprenticeship training deliverers.

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Literacy and Basic Skills/Academic Upgrading:

Program provides literacy, numeracy, and essential skills services. LBS services help people achieve their education, training and employment goals, as well as enjoy increased independence.

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Financial Incentives to Employers:

Provides financial incentives to employers to provide on-the-job training, including apprenticeship training, work experience opportunities and/or skill level/employability assessments for training.

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Employment & Training Supports for Individuals:

Provides financial support to individuals that address any financial barriers to obtaining employment and/or training.

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Youth Job Link

Youth Job Link Objective. Provide youth, including students, between the ages of 15 and 29 who face few barriers to employment with access to non-intensive employment.

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Crossroads Employment Services is supportive in providing professional programs and/or services that target employment needs and skills development in Ignace and its surrounding area. The Centre continues to expand and evolve programming through various activities, support services, counseling, workshops, and training information to the community.


Some of these activities, for example, are as follows: 

Free access to telephone, fax machine and photocopier as needed for employment services

Free access to Internet for job searching and training needs

Computer software with a variety of programs for easy resume writing

Resource material for job searching/interview readiness/resume writing

Information on various programs to employers & employees of the community

Job posting opportunities within the area, provision of job orders, referrals, placement and follow-up activity for clients and employees

Referrals to clients with related work experience

Labour market updates

Resumes, cover letters and job search needs for clients

Training courses, workshops, education opportunities and/or career changes